Lost Frequencies – Royal Palace Brussels
Lost Frequencies – Royal Palace Brussels

Lost Frequencies, a Belgian DJ, live-streamed a set from the rooftop of the Royal Palace in Brussels to kick off the virtual tour of the building.

Traditionally, the Royal Palace opens its doors to the public every year. This year, however, everything has to happen virtually because of the coronavirus measures.

On the evening before Belgium’s National Holiday, the virtual tour was launched with a live stream of a DJ set of Lost Frequencies, on the roof of the palace. The Royal Music Chapel of the Guides took part in the performance
as well.

The tour gives people the opportunity to visit the “emblematic halls” of the Palace in 360°, and can be taken all year round, in Dutch, French, German and English.

Even though the virtual tour is highly recommended by Felix De Laet, the man behind Lost Frequencies, visiting in person is definitely worth it after the crisis, according to him.

“It is really magical,” he told VRT. “All rooms with hidden elements to discover: from beautiful paintings to impressive chandeliers,” he added.

In 2015, De Laet already worked together with the Royal Palace, when he performed during the award ceremony of the Belgodyssee competition for journalism students.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times